The YinYanBand is fun & friendly ukulele group who love to spread joy & positivity through music & creativity!

We started in 2018 by giving away ukuleles & lessons to people with no musical experience. Now we perform at all sort of gigs, festivals & events – visit & like our facebook page for all our latest shenanigans!

We also run beginner sessions and courses in the best workplaces. It’s a powerful way of reducing stress while boosting your brain power, wellbeing, community & creativity – all thanks to the fantastic landlords we work with (including Capital & Centric & Bruntwood). Within 60 minutes total beginners are playing songs!

We announce public sessions on social media (use the links at the bottom of the page & don’t forget to like our facebook page to be sure you don’t miss out) otherwise our beginner sessions are private. When there’s a session available to you, you’ll be told what’s happening by your landlord/employer…you don’t need any musical experience, talent, ability or even a ukulele as we have ones you can borrow!

Check out the resources below and if you’re interested in a YinYanBand performance/workshop/course please contact us.

YinYan are workplace wellbeing specialists, providing convenient & friendly ways to feel great – if it feels good, we’re on it! Our yoga & pilates classes started in 2015, with the YinYanBand starting in 2018.yinyan

I love it! Literally one of the best things I've ever done - it is so joyful and I'm eternally grateful for the introduction to the YinYanBand!


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If you have any questions regarding our service then please contact us..

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  • Whose enjoying working away from the desk today?! #CarterTheRescueHound certainly enjoying it (sorry for rubbing it in to anyone stuck inside!) I’m in the yoga posture Japanese Kneeling Posture - great for a nicely aligned spine and helps avoid slouching,
  • ‪This week we’ve got some very special sessions planned for the lucky people who work in the Metro Building #Hammersmith - the usual weekly #yoga & #pilates, plus a special beginner yoga class for nervous newbies & a ukulele giveaway...the #YinYanBand is
  • ‪What do you do like to do after work on a warm summer evening? If you’re lucky enough to work at @capitalcentric’s Tempest in Liverpool, you pop up to the roof garden for a free #yoga class with our latest fab teacher Lindsey! Emma will be back the week
  • Join our fabulous teacher Shyara from @cuckfieldyogaboutique on Wednesday for #free community #yoga classes in Burgess Hill (West Sussex) ... NEW LOCATION - UNIT 1 THE MARTLETS #BurgessHill
  • ‪We are delighted to have helped raise over £380 for @rhythmsoflifelondon by providing workplace wellbeing classes for the office workers at 10 Fleet Place in the City of London - #yoga #pilates and more that helps you feel great and alleviates homelessne
  • ‪Do you want a workplace community that actively supports the people and businesses who work there? ‬ ‪As you can see from the smiles on the faces of our friends at @capitalcentric’s Tempest in Liverpool after roof top #yoga & #pilates - added amenities a
  • Join us for the YinYan seasonal shindig! 5-9pm Thursday 12th December @folkliverpool ... vote then party - drinks on us and the #YinYanBand providing the entertainment!
  • ‪Wishing everybody health & happiness on #WorldMentalHealthDay2019! The theme this year is suicide, so let’s be aware of this when we ask friends, family and colleagues how they are doing today - remember, always ask twice if you have any concerns/worries
  • “I can’t do yoga/pilates - I can’t even touch my toes” I hear this a lot and it’s NONSENSE! 
Saying you can’t do yoga because you’re not flexible enough is like saying you’re too smelly for a bath! (Think about it.) This misconception is understandable wh