Introducing The YinYanBand!

The YinYanBand is fun & friendly ukulele group for anyone who wants to play, learn or listen – everybody is welcome to experience this amazing way to reduce stress while boosting your brain power & performance, mood and…well it just feels good!

To find out where & when we meet, plus what songs we play and info on getting started, join our Facebook Group – the Facebook group is also the place to find all our song sheets, help for beginners etc, click on ‘files‘ (some are at the bottom of this page too!)

Everybody is welcome to be part of the YinYanBand, and at our special beginner jam sessions there’s usually ukuleles spare if you want to try – why wouldn’t you?! We also play all sorts of gigs & events…also on the Facebook page or email [email protected] if you’d like us to be a part of your event.

Curious? Check out all the benefits of being in a band!  Download our YinYan basic skills starter tips here. You won’t believe how easy it is to play hundreds, nay thousands of songs with a few basic chords – for more ukulele inspiration and to see a video compilation of a small selection of such songs click here!


YinYan are workplace wellbeing specialists, providing convenient & friendly ways to feel great – if it feels good, we’re on it! Our yoga & pilates classes started in 2015, with the YinYanBand starting in 2017.

You are my sunshine

Common People by Pulp

Faith, George Michael


Tempest Set List (including Xmas songs) 2018

I love it! Literally one of the best things I've ever done - it is so joyful and I'm eternally grateful for the introduction to the YinYanBand!


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Contact Us
  • Working in Tempest, @capitalcentric’s fantastic creative & tech hub in Liverpool, makes Monday’s a breeze...Clinical Pilates at lunchtime with @mobility_czech followed by Yoga 5.45pm with Robin - it’s free for tenants and everybody is welcome! Move over w
  • ‪What do you do like to do after work on a warm summer evening? If you’re lucky enough to work at @capitalcentric’s Tempest in Liverpool, you pop up to the roof garden for a free #yoga class with our latest fab teacher Lindsey! Emma will be back the week
  • Whose enjoying working away from the desk today?! #CarterTheRescueHound certainly enjoying it (sorry for rubbing it in to anyone stuck inside!) I’m in the yoga posture Japanese Kneeling Posture - great for a nicely aligned spine and helps avoid slouching,
  • Mo Salah doing yoga in front of the Kop - nice tree posture...a little too much pressure on the inside of the knee, but I’m sure he’ll be in class this week to practice! You can join him - click the link in the bio and book your place!
  • We are delighted to announce our latest landlord partnership with the award winning regeneration comp, @weareurbansplash with beginner-friendly #yoga & #pilates classes for people working in the Vanilla Factory and Tea Factory buildings in Liverpool’s Rop
  • ‪Very excited to take delivery of our new range of plastic-free yoga mats at our new pop up studio in London.‬ ‪Cork, rubber & jute instead of non-recyclable plastic like most yoga mats - let’s see what the #YinYanTribe make of them...we have our first cl
  • ‪We are delighted to have helped raise over £380 for @rhythmsoflifelondon by providing workplace wellbeing classes for the office workers at 10 Fleet Place in the City of London - #yoga #pilates and more that helps you feel great and alleviates homelessne
  • Now you see us, then you don’t - until next time that is! We are the pop up #yoga & #pilates at work specialists and our mission is to help you feel fabulous at work...don’t fight it, join us!! Thanks to @weareurbansplash for getting us involved in their