YinYan Band

The YinYanBand is fun & friendly collective spreading joy & positivity through music & creativity! We started in 2018 by giving away some ukuleles & running 1 hour crash courses (we don’t call them lessons as they’re too much fun) – this created other bands that perform at gigs, festivals & events.

Our sessions are a powerful way of reducing stress while boosting your brain power, wellbeing, community & creativity. Within 60 minutes of picking up a ukulele total beginners are playing songs they love, leaving any stress or worries far behind!

Public YinYan Band sessions are 7-9pm in Liverpool (at Tempest) on the 3rd Tuesday of each month – more info here via the Eventbrite booking page, where you can learn more & book your place at a beginner crash course (or one of our other art or exercise sessions). You don’t need any musical experience, talent, ability or even a ukulele as we have ones you can borrow – and you don’t need to book unless you want to borrow a ukulele!

Songbooks we use (if you’re coming to a jam session it’s handy if you’ve got a tablet/iPad – but we’ve always got some printed beginner books you can borrow):


I love it! Literally one of the best things I've ever done - it is so joyful and I'm eternally grateful for the introduction to the YinYanBand!


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