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We make voids work: Wellbeing pop-ups in voids & communal areas with surprising benefits for everybody. We provide high quality amenities, engagement and placemaking that redefine the way you think about vacant or under-utilised spaces.

YinYan helps people feel good about being in your property, motivating them to come back to the office, which is of course more important than ever since the pandemic & WFH.

Minimal hassle and maximum benefit – it’s what we do, all over the country. Our partners include the likes of Capital & Centric, Urban Splash, Hines, Shellwin Real EstateCEG, CBRE, Downing, Workman, Merseyside Pension Fund and more.

Why work with YinYan?

Working with the best asset managers, community creators & space makers, over 25,000 people have benefitted from our classes (Yoga, Pilates, Art, Music & more) and workshops (such as Spinal Health & ‘Meet Your Brain’). And there are plenty of other good reasons for bringing YinYan to your property:

ENGAGEMENT – we actively and positively engage with occupiers on your behalf, improving tenant relations and making your next tenant meeting and lease renewal that bit easier. Tenants even get free & unlimited access to our online live & on demand classes, so you can look after your tenants even when they’re WFH.

AMENITIES – wellbeing is a massive issue for employers/tenants, they value being somewhere with amenities to keep their staff healthy & happy, all without having to go far from their desk.

MARKETING – YinYan is a good news story, we’ll use our own media channels and work with any PR advisors to make sure everyone knows how good your building is.

ESG – we’re all about doing the right thing.

FITWEL – working with us can significantly improve your Fitwel certification.

SUSTAINABILITY – 25% of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark GRESB score is from ‘Stakeholder Engagement’, so if you want to be sustainable that means making property work for the people who work there.

PROFESSIONALISM – founded by an experienced chartered surveyor with 20 years experience, we know the high standards that are required to work in the best properties, and we stick to them.

REDUCE VOID COSTS – we can help you manage your business rates, with substantial savings available (although we do not have to work on a rates saving basis), contact us to find out more.


Convenient & friendly Yoga, Pilates & more in workplaces that go the extra mile

We are dedicated to helping the people who matter to you (tenants & your landlord clients) feel good about being in your building. We provide high quality Yoga, Pilates and more including relaxation, meditations, mindfulness, desk yoga, ukulele sessions and more.

Explore our locations & classes using the menu bar, or click on one of our buildings below. If you’re a commercial property landlord or a chartered surveyor/asset manager, find out more about making YinYan part of your asset management strategy – call 0151 236 7620, email [email protected] or fill in the form below.

YinYan classes bring the area to life, giving occupiers' employees the chance to keep fit & relax at lunchtime, and offers a reason to stay and use the building in the evening.

Phil Mayall, ECF

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