Wellbeing in Liverpool’s coolest workplace – classes now in basement of ‘Tempest on Tithebarn’

Thanks to top landlord Capital & Centric, we are delighted to be back with onsite classes that are free for all tenants & their staff in Tempest on Tithebarn Street, Liverpool – classes now in ‘Kol Box’, in the basement of the cafe/bar/hangout Tempest on Tithebarn (who are so lovely that they’ll give you 20% off all food & drink too):

  • ART CLUB – Clay Modelling, Drawing & Painting w/ Irma – 12.30-1.30pm Thursday 12th & 26th May & 9th & 23rd June. Being creative makes people happy so we’re delighted to bring Art Club back to Tempest – you can try all the activities on offer, just not at the same time unless you’re an octopus! No experience or equipment necessary, just a friendly & welcoming way to spend your lunchtime! Just like the Yoga & Pilates it’s free for Tempest tenants & all their staff – book below or email [email protected] or turn up and join if we have space!
  • Every Tuesday 5.45pm (60 mins) – Hatha Yoga Flow w/ Emma. A very popular flowing vinyasa class that incorporates alignment, strength work, breathe awareness, deep stretches, balance and finally relaxing!
  • Every Thursday 12.05pm (40 mins) – Pilates w/ Donna. A very friendly & welcoming class for all levels (including beginners) with a focus on having fun and feeling good – in this class you learn how to control your breath as you strengthen your core to help support good posture & alignment.

If you work in Tempest not only can you attend onsite classes at no cost, but you also get FREE & UNLIMITED access to all our online classes, so whether you’re working from home or in the office we’re there to help you feel good!

Book your place for online & onsite classes using the links/instructions below – drop ins welcome at onsite classes as long as there is space. Please arrive on time changed & ready, bring your own mat/borrow one of ours, don’t come if you’re unwell & follow the teachers instructions.

To sign up tenants should:

1) Visit & “Create Account”.

2) Email [email protected] with your name & email address (the same one you used to create your account) & tell us who you work for in Tempest…we’ll credit you with unlimited FREE classes then you can book your place for any online or onsite classes on the timetable below:

Sion Jones - Yoga & Mindfulness teacher

How to Access Your Class

Bookings close 20 minutes before the class starts. Your teacher will text you a link / Zoom Meeting ID & password before class, then go to and say hello – bonus if you have a Zoom account/download the app but you don’t need to pay anything. It’s live & interactive so you can see & hear the teacher – and can communicate with them.

– Find a space you can practice & roll out your yoga mat, blanket or rug – it’s useful to have a block or cushions handy (beginners & anybody who has had back/knee problems should sit on these for all seated postures).

– Balance your laptop, tablet, phone or TV where you can see it – it’s really useful for the teacher to be able to see you during class but everybody else can see you too so you can switch your camera off if you like.

– Live & interactive classes are amazingly similar to normal classes, you can see friends and make new ones – nice people getting together to do stuff, just like normal.

– Feel free to set up your own back ground music if you like.

– Just do what you can as gently as you like – if anything doesn’t feel right just miss it out!

Group classes are not suitable for everybody – some conditions require specialist modifications, understanding & training – for example these classes are NOT suitable if you are pregnant. You MUST discuss any medical condition, illness and/or injury with us & your teacher prior to class – before class starts ask the teacher about the private chat option. If in doubt use caution and seek advice from your GP.

Donna Unwin - yoga, pilates & dance teacher  Matt Lamb online yoga teacher

How to Book – Paid & FREE Classes

Book using the sign up buttons on the schedule, click on a class for details & log in details. If you have not registered as a tenant and asked for unlimited free access then the system will ask you to pay (not necessary – see instructions above!) For members of the public/non-tenants payment options are: Buy Now – unlimited classes £11.99 per week – this will renew automatically and charge you each week but there is no contract and you can cancel any time online or email [email protected]. Or 6 classes for £36 (use within 3 months). Or single class £8.40. All prices include VAT (VAT Registration Number 403 1509 46).

Classes with FREE in the title are free for EVERYBODY, they do not need payment but you do have to register. Free classes include Chair Yoga for Older People, Morning Tea & Tai Chi and other community sessions…if you are tech savvy then sign up for an account for an isolated older friend/relative/stranger then help them get access if they can! Be a Lockdown Legend!

Robin & YinYan's head of wellbeing - Carter the hound  Rosanna Gordon online yoga & chair yoga teacher

Class Bookings via Mindbody App

Once you’ve got an account the easiest way to book is via the Mindbody app – just log in once, find “Yin Yan” and add as favourite, then in a couple of clicks you’ve got access to all classes. Please book 30 minutes before class start time to ensure that we can text you the link to your class.

Any query email [email protected]. We do not offer refunds but please contact us if you are dissatisfied for any reason. See our T&Cs for further details.


I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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