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Yoga, Pilates & more – 3rd Floor, 10 Fleet Place, EC4M 7HY

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Our pop-up studio at 10 Fleet Place ended on 29th May 2019. We’ve loved our beginner-friendly classes there in Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Desk Yoga and more! It’s been fantastic seeing so many of you improving your mental & physical wellbeing at work but all good things must come to end…and maybe we’ll be back one day!


  • YOGA WITH VANESSA – TUESDAY 28th May 12.10PM (45 MINS) – energise your whole day and feel fantastic – no afternoon slump for you! There will be a short warm up followed by a series of guided postures that will stretch & strengthen your whole body, leaving you feeling relaxed & refreshed after a short relaxation to close. NOT suitable if you are/maybe pregnant.
  • TAI CHI TASTER WITH ROBIN – WEDNESDAY 29th May 1.15PM (30 MINS) – use controlled, flowing movements in sync with your breath to experience mindful movement and a state of calm serenity. This martial art opens up every joint in your body whilst strengthening and stretching your legs.

WEEKLY YOGA & PILATES CLASSES w/ Vanessa Michielon (change your clothes, bring your own mat or borrow one of ours):

PILATES on Mondays @ 12.10pm (45 mins) – use controlled stability & breath awareness to develop a strong core, good posture & alignment. You’ll be encouraged to work as hard or as gently as is appropriate for you – regardless of your current fitness level you will see improvement! No class on bank holidays. NOT suitable if you are/maybe pregnant.

YOGA on Tuesdays @ 12.10pm (45 mins) – energise your whole day and feel fantastic – no afternoon slump for you! There will be a short warm up followed by a series of guided postures that will stretch & strengthen your whole body, leaving you feeling relaxed & refreshed after a short relaxation to close. NOT suitable if you are/maybe pregnant.

More sessions to be announced…

Got a class idea for our pop up studio at 10 Fleet Place? Tell us 🙂 [email protected]

There’s still time to sign up for your “Nogi to Yogi” transformation

(a nogi is someone who has never done yoga, and a yogi definitely has!) with our special 1 hour OFFICE YOGA CLASSES that you can do in your work clothes….the sessions will be Tuesday 28th & Wednesday 29th May – to register just email [email protected]

Occupiers at 10 Fleet Place ready for class!

Ready for class at 10 Fleet Place – health & wellbeing at work!!

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week are are delighted to be holding an extra Stress-Busting Meditation class (Tuesday 14th May 12.55pm for 30 mins) & Pilates class (Thursday 16th May 12.10pm)

PREVIOUS SESSIONS AT 10 FLEET PLACE w/ YinYan founder, Robin Ellis:

DEEP RELAXATION (30m) – release your inner-guru and discover an amazing sense of calm with this fully guided relaxation using an ancient technique that recharges your whole body & mind. The method is so effective the US Army use it to help military personnel deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, so however stressful your world might be, this can help.

TAI CHI / QI GONG (30m) – the perfect way to begin the day, simple flowing movements in synch with your breath that gently open every joint in the body. Through this moving meditation you can expect increased flexibility & strength with a state of mental calm & clarity.

EASY OFFICE STRETCHES (30m) – stay loose & ease stiffness in your back, neck & shoulders with easy stretches without getting changed or leaving your desk. Learn how to boost your energy levels, manage/avoid pain & injuries, and improve your running/cycling/etc – you’ll never wonder what to do while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil again!

STRESS BUSTING BREATHING & MEDITATION TECHNIQUES (30m) – Learning how to breathe naturally is probably the quickest and most effective way to improve your overall health. Learn how to monitor your breath and use simple techniques to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety as they arise – helping you feel calm & relaxed, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

No experience necessary. ‘YinYan’ means an introduction, we ♥ beginners – even if you have pain/injury you have a lot to gain if your use caution! Bring your own mat or borrow one of ours (20 available). Donations are welcome for the homelessness charity, Rhythms of Life.

These Yoga & Pilates classes are NOT SUITABLE if you are/maybe pregnant. You MUST make the teacher aware of ALL medical conditions and/or injuries prior to class – this is important so we can look after your health (T&Cs). If in doubt consult your Doctor and use caution. Contact us if you have any questions.

I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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  • ‪We are delighted to have helped raise over £380 for @rhythmsoflifelondon by providing workplace wellbeing classes for the office workers at 10 Fleet Place in the City of London - #yoga #pilates and more that helps you feel great and alleviates homelessne
  • ‪Wishing everybody health & happiness on #WorldMentalHealthDay2019! The theme this year is suicide, so let’s be aware of this when we ask friends, family and colleagues how they are doing today - remember, always ask twice if you have any concerns/worries
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