Metro Building, Hammersmith

Yoga, Pilates & Ukuleles – now moved to the 8th Floor

The Metro Building, 1  Butterwick, Hammersmith, W6 8DL

Regular weekly sessions on the 8th floor (relocated from 6th floor on 22nd August):

YOGA – TUESDAY 12.10pm (45 mins) with Vanessa – energise your whole day and feel fantastic, no mid-afternoon slump for you! There will be a short warm up followed by a series of guided postures that will stretch & strengthen your whole body, leaving you feeling relaxed & refreshed after a short relaxation to finish.

PILATES – WEDNESDAY 12.45pm (45 mins) with Gianni – use controlled stability & breath awareness to develop a strong core, good posture & alignment. You’ll be encouraged to work as hard or as gently as is appropriate for you – regardless of your current fitness level you will see improvement!

YIN YAN BAND UKULELE SESSION – Thursday 12.30pm to 1.30pm – fancy the idea of being in a band and becoming a music legend in your lunch break? Join the YinYanBand! Not musical/can’t play? No problem – just because you can’t play an instrument yet doesn’t mean you’re not musical, if you like music you are musical & we will help you learn! Not got an instrument? Borrow one of our ukuleles (£25 deposit) and if you like it you can keep it!

18 months ago we started the 1st YinYan Band in an like Metro – they didn’t have a clue what they were getting into and none of them had any musical experience/skills – now they play all sorts of gigs, events & festivals and they all say joining the band is one of best things (mostly THE best thing) they’ve ever done! Get involved in the YinYan Band here with starter tips, song sheets, videos and more and if you still need convincing discover 5 top reasons why it’s good to join our band.

Maybe you’d like too meet on Fridays too, or want to see if we can provide a teacher, maybe you’d like to try with a few friends first and want to book some ‘ukes’ for a bit? If you have an idea for the YinYan Band at Metro please email [email protected] or speak to the friendly staff at Metro reception!

Yoga & Pilates not suitable if you are/may be pregnant and you must discuss any injuries & medical conditions with the teacher prior to class!

COMING SOON – YinYanBand at Metro Building…got a ukulele or curious to try? Join us for our upcoming ukulele taster sessions in the cafe on the ground floor and become a rockstar in your own lunchbreak! Email [email protected] or [email protected]  to be kept in the loop!

Metro Building – YinYan Yoga, Pilates & more launching Tuesday 9th July 2019… CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON OUR FIRST CLASSES!!

Previous sessions & future class opportunities below – got an idea for a class? We are all ears! [email protected] 🙂

DEEP RELAXATION MEDITATION – release your inner-guru and discover an amazing sense of calm with this fully guided relaxation using an ancient technique that recharges your whole body & mind. The method is so effective the US Army use it to help military personnel deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, so however stressful your world might be, this can help.

TAI CHI / QI GONG – the perfect way to begin the day, simple flowing movements in synch with your breath that gently open every joint in the body. Through this moving meditation you can expect increased flexibility & strength with a state of mental calm & clarity.

EASY OFFICE STRETCHES – stay loose & ease stiffness in your back, neck & shoulders with easy stretches without getting changed or leaving your desk. Learn how to boost your energy levels, manage/avoid pain & injuries, and improve your running/cycling/etc – you’ll never wonder what to do while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil again!

STRESS BUSTING BREATHING & MEDITATION TECHNIQUES – Learning how to breathe naturally is probably the quickest and most effective way to improve your overall health. Learn how to monitor your breath and use simple techniques to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety as they arise – helping you feel calm & relaxed, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

No experience necessary. ‘YinYan’ means an introduction, we ♥ beginners – even if you have pain/injury you have a lot to gain if you use caution and don’t push beyond your limits! 

Stunning space at The Metro Building, 1 Butterwick, Hammersmith

Stunning space at The Metro Building, Hammersmith


Yoga & Pilates classes are NOT SUITABLE if you are/maybe pregnant. You MUST make the teacher aware of ALL medical conditions and/or injuries prior to class – this is important so we can look after your health (T&Cs). If in doubt consult your Doctor and use caution. Contact us if you have any questions.

More sessions to be announced…Got a class idea for our pop up studio at The Metro Building? We’re all ears – [email protected]

Metro Building, Hammersmith

I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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  • ‪We are delighted to have helped raise over £380 for @rhythmsoflifelondon by providing workplace wellbeing classes for the office workers at 10 Fleet Place in the City of London - #yoga #pilates and more that helps you feel great and alleviates homelessne
  • ‪Very excited to take delivery of our new range of plastic-free yoga mats at our new pop up studio in London.‬ ‪Cork, rubber & jute instead of non-recyclable plastic like most yoga mats - let’s see what the #YinYanTribe make of them...we have our first cl
  • We are delighted to announce our latest landlord partnership with the award winning regeneration comp, @weareurbansplash with beginner-friendly #yoga & #pilates classes for people working in the Vanilla Factory and Tea Factory buildings in Liverpool’s Rop
  • Now you see us, then you don’t - until next time that is! We are the pop up #yoga & #pilates at work specialists and our mission is to help you feel fabulous at work...don’t fight it, join us!! Thanks to @weareurbansplash for getting us involved in their
  • Mo Salah doing yoga in front of the Kop - nice tree posture...a little too much pressure on the inside of the knee, but I’m sure he’ll be in class this week to practice! You can join him - click the link in the bio and book your place!
  • Whose enjoying working away from the desk today?! #CarterTheRescueHound certainly enjoying it (sorry for rubbing it in to anyone stuck inside!) I’m in the yoga posture Japanese Kneeling Posture - great for a nicely aligned spine and helps avoid slouching,
  • ‪What do you do like to do after work on a warm summer evening? If you’re lucky enough to work at @capitalcentric’s Tempest in Liverpool, you pop up to the roof garden for a free #yoga class with our latest fab teacher Lindsey! Emma will be back the week
  • Working in Tempest, @capitalcentric’s fantastic creative & tech hub in Liverpool, makes Monday’s a breeze...Clinical Pilates at lunchtime with @mobility_czech followed by Yoga 5.45pm with Robin - it’s free for tenants and everybody is welcome! Move over w