The benefits of core power with our yogi of the week – Jess Bolger

Every so often we pick a Yogi of the week – anyone who does yoga is a yogi, so it could be you! This time it’s Jess Bolger, and we had a quick chat as we gave her a few celebratory oranges:

Yin Yan: So Jessica how did you become a Yin Yan yogi?
JESS: I’d always been intrigued to try yoga, but I’d found it confusing which type to try.

YY: So you’d never done yoga before Yin Yan?
JESS: No, never.

YY: And what made you give us a try?
JESS: The fact that Yin Yan is beginner friendly and teaches the basics, and that it’s not hot which I didn’t really fancy. I looked at other studios and Yin Yan was the best value too.

YY: How did you feel beforehand, were you nervous or anything?
JESS: I was actually quite excited, I’d been building up to trying yoga for so long!

YY: So how was your first class?
JESS: It was very friendly with a relaxed atmosphere, it didn’t matter that I’d never done it before, and I loved it.

YY: What’s been the most surprising thing for you since starting?
JESS: I also do figure skating, and I’ve found that the core power sessions have really helped my spins, I was struggling to do them but I’ve found that by focusing on my core muscles they’re really improved.

YY: Great stuff – it’s true that you can learn so many things in yoga that help with other areas of your life! So what would you say to someone thinking about trying a Yin Yan class?
JESS: Just try it for yourself, it’s for all levels and there are loads of benefits!

Great to have you with us Jess – along with all the other yogis who come to our classes, so many people are discovering yoga, pilates and more with Yin Yan!

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I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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