How to increase productivity in three little tricks

Ever feel like you have too much, to do?

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Here at Yin Yan we often talk about the importance of mindfulness. We talk about how our Yoga, Pilates & Stress-Busting Meditation classes leave you feeling relaxed and energised for your working week. We absolutely believe this to be true, but we are not naïve in thinking that our classes alone will solve all your problems.

Over the last couple of weeks, here at Yin Yan HQ we have adopted a new working process, because, well, you may be surprised to know, the day-to-day running of a successful pop up wellbeing company is not all sitting around and meditating (granted some of it is).

We have implemented a revolutionary technique that you may have heard of, something that is keeping our minds clear and focused! This incredibly useful process we have no doubt will be sweeping the nations’ businesses and have productivity at a record high! We did think about copyrighting it, but we are still waiting on confirmation from our legal department (Carter the Dog). Our revolutionary idea is…

(drum roll please…)


Pretty impressive stuff eh. Well actually after a couple of weeks’ implementation we are happy to confirm it’s working a treat! In a business world that is always on the move, that is digital, that is forever changing, having a set plan at the beginning of the day may seem a little archaic, but keeping it simple works.

By setting JUST 3 goals to be achieved that day, we are not only prioritising the most important tasks, but also giving the day a real sense of purpose, it is easy for working days to all merge into one, this quick tip defines each day as its own. It also means that we are not taking our work home with us, which relieves stress that can lead to more serious health issues.

Now 3 goals may seem a small number, but keeping things simple allows you to forget about the unimportant distractions, it improves productivity and means that your valuable time isn’t wasted. If you tick all three early in the day, you can add a couple more tasks for an extremely productive day, or relax and use the time for yourself, safe in the knowledge that you have already reached your goals for the day.

​Try it, each morning before you start your day, take a seat for five minutes, grab a piece of paper, or perhaps even just the notes in your mobile phone and write down three things you want to achieve that day. It may be work related like organise your workspace, getting rid of those million different, half edited documents clogging up your desktop. Maybe it’s to reply to that important email you’ve been avoiding for days or it could be simple life tasks, like call the plumber or go to the dentist.

​​After a week or so you’ll be amazed just how much clearer your mind feels, how much more productive you are, not worrying about those little things at the back of your mind you ‘should have done yesterday’. And don’t forget, at least once a week make booking your next Yin Yan class one of your three things to do – you’ll feel good about yourself for just booking it and putting it in your diary, and then you’ll feel amazing after class too, double-whammy!

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