7 Top tips to stop you being distracted in work

If you’re reading this and you’re in work, chances are you’re not being very productive! Everybody at some point in the day feels like this, we are not designed to stare at a screen all day. The trick is to make the most of the times that your attention is lost, relax your mind don’t distract it or over stimulate it with yet more websites and pictures and words. (like this post)

  • Get out of your chair and have a stretch, have a walk around the office. this will allow you to stretch off any back or neck pain that you might have building up. Pick a yoga pose or two to properly stretch out.
  • Put your mobile phone out of reach for 30 minutes. Stop the temptation of scrolling aimlessly through the same 4 social media apps. NOMOPHOBIA is the term used for those who have an anxiety of having no access to a mobile device. Put it out of reach, let your mind rest. This little reset will clear your thought process before you continue with your work.
  • Take TEN deep breathes, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Deep breathing slows the heart rate and calms the body. It also focuses the mind!
  • Tidy your desk. If you’re sat staring at the screen, you’ve probably stopped even noticing those the papers underneath the keyboard, the 6 sticky notes across the top of the screen with reminders still up from February or that charger wire tangled in your mouse. Take a few minutes just removing anything from your desk that doesn’t need to be there.
  • Eat your lunch away from your desk! Make sure that your desk is just for work, this will make you less prone to switching off or being distracted. It is also good to change your surroundings throughout the day, sitting in one place for eight hours is not advised, this is why most businesses encourage staff to have breaks. (we have classes of a lunch time, what better way to escape your desk)
  • Close ALL 87,493 tabs currently open on your internet browser! (not this one)
  • Write down a list of everything you want to have completed before the day is up. What do you want to have finished before 5:00pm arrives?

We spend so much time at work and because of this it is vital to look after yourself when you are there! It is easy to fall into the same routine; this is not great for your health or wellbeing. Making sure you have a little reset during the day, ensures that the time you do become distracted is useful to you.

A moment to step away from your work allows you to think more clearly and ultimately leads to you being more productive, this can be how you can justify yourself when your boss finds you standing in the tree pose instead of at your desk!

If you’re and employer reading this, take note! Actively encourage your staff to take on some of these tips! Corporate Wellbeing is not just a buzzword that businesses use to make themselves feel better, techniques like this are proven to increase productivity!

​If you feel as though you need more than this simple 5 minutes to unwind, don’t forget that we have classes running before, during lunch and after work. Perfect to really stretch out and unwind, it is advised for everyone that you have some form of routine exercise, it just so happens that with Yin Yan our classes are designed to be conveniently placed to fit around work and focus on making all our classes both physically and mentally rewarding.

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