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Our newest member to your YinYan team..


Things are developing very well here at Yin Yan and it’s a really exciting time for us! We are coming up to our 1st year birthday and we are still very much shaping things the way we want them.

With this in mind I thought I’d write a quick blog, to briefly introduce myself 🙂

I’m Victoria, the newest member of your Yin Yan team. I’ve always been there, lurking, in the background, annoying Robin with my constructive criticism and opinions, while championing Yin Yan all the way. I truly think the Yin Yan concept is amazing and so, so Our newest member to your YinYan team..

beneficial to so many people (yogis, landlords and companies alike) so I am VERY excited to be on board!

You’ll see me at a fair few of the classes, I’ll be online to answer any questions you may have and I’m also top cuddler and photographer to Carter, our wonderful head of wellbeing!! 🙂 (that’s obviously my favourite part of the job)

I started taking Yoga more seriously at the start of this year. I have had personal struggles with anxiety and not handling the stress of a busy and high pressured job very well (a situation more people than you think know all too well). Robin kept recommending yoga to me, calling me a ‘nogi’ until I tried my first class, and since then I have fallen for it.

It has helped me SO much. If any of you would like to have a chat with me at the classes about how much its helped, then please do, our minds are incredibly powerful, hey?

I fell for it so much so that I am now enrolled on a yoga teacher training/mindfullness course in October and I’m really looking forward to it!

Another role will be to speak to some of you lovely Yin Yan yogis at the classes to get an idea of what you would like to see more of, what you love and what you think is working well! Any ideas are welcomed! We want you to feel completely comfortable and a big part of the Yin Yan family because that’s what you are.

I look forward to keeping you updated with the evolving journey of Yin Yan and to speaking to you at the classes and our party – if you see me in the street with Carter, do pop and say hello, we love meeting new people!

Speak soon and take care!


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I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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