Our first Birthday

Thanks to everyone who came to our first birthday party – we loved welcoming everyone, the laughter yoga with Jordan was a great success and we hope you like all the photos below! 1 year has certainly flown by and it’s a good chance to say a few thank yous and tell you what we’ve got planned for the next year!

Firstly thank you to all the people who have attended any of our classes, we’ve filled nearly 10,000 yoga mats since we started and every single one of you amaze & inspire us every time we see you! Well done!

Thank you also to the Landlords we work with to create desirable places where people want to work – they are too many to mention but include the likes of Liverpool ONE, Tempest and Exchange Station. If your building is not a Yin Yan building, tell us and ask the landlord why not – we save them money and make them look great!

Thank to the Employers we work with to deliver everything from one-off corporate wellbeing events to weekly sessions, improving mental & physical wellbeing and increasing resilience in the workplace. Happy staff are productive staff, but you knew that already!

A massive thank you to all our Yin Yan Teachers too – they’re the best around, dedicated to helping people just like you and we’re incredibly grateful for all their hard work and fantastic classes!

If you’re still a little sceptical about the benefits of what we do (yoga, pilates, clinical pilates, yin yoga, metafit, stress-busting meditations, tai chi and more – in case you were wondering!), remember that your body is only place to live & your mind is your constant companion. If you aspire to a healthier & happier life, or a more profitable building/business, we can help.

I was as sceptical as anyone reading this, and although Yin Yan is only just over one year old, my own wellbeing journey continues to take me further than I ever expected. Having spent years with chronic back pain, depression etc., I was waiting for someone/something else to solve it (doctors, physios, pills), finally I tried yoga, pilates & meditation and took control myself…I thought “WOW why didn’t anyone tell me about this?!” – they did, but I was too stupid/proud to hear them.

This is why Yin Yan exists. If you’re “thinking about” or “curious” about yoga/whatever, how can you “think about” it if you don’t know what it is?! Try it then think about doing it!! Take advantage of our 1st Birthday Offer – unlimited classes for just £20 for your first month, that’s half price and there’s no contract…so for less than a fiver a week you can try any of our classes, Mon-Fri every week. This offer is only available on the phone – call 0151 2367620 and start your journey to see for yourself.

Looking ahead to the next year, we have big plans to take wellbeing to the heart of even more workplaces – working with more amazing students, landlords, employers and teachers, building on the hard work over the past year.

Finally, we’re incredibly excited about launching our #YinYanKarma project. We improve people’s health – that’s a powerful thing we want to use for good, giving back to the communities we live and work in. We’re going to be giving away as many sessions as we can as often as we can – it’s not about money, it’s about your actions leading to our actions that do something good for people who will benefit.

But we need your help – we want your #YinYanKarma nominations for anyone who you think could and should benefit from one of our sessions, it could be:
A charity/company working hard to look after others & deserve looking after themselves;
Someone who did a good deed or went above and beyond the call of duty;
A lollipop lady or anyone who gives time to their community and might like a Tai Chi or chair yoga session with their colleagues/friends;
So please do something amazing and nominate someone, and we’ll do the rest – you can use #YinYanKarma and tag us (@YinYanUK) on a post in social media or email [email protected] telling us who you’re nominating and why!

Last but not least a big thank you to Victoria, Jordan, Sean, Nikki, Alan, and all my friends & family for all their help & support so far – the party was great fun and we’ll be doing another social event in January!

See you soon!



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I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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