Why self-care isn’t selfish or something to feel guilty about

By YinYan founder, Robin Ellis

Can you practice self-care without being selfish?

YES, absolutely you can, but the two are often confused and many people feel unnecessarily guilty about self-care.

Self-care is investing in your health & happiness. As long as you’re not neglecting other responsibilities (work, family etc.) then self-care isn’t selfish at all.

Not least because all the people & things in your life want you to be the best possible version of you – does your family/employer not want you to be as healthy & happy as possible?

If a person or organisation ever tells you that you’re being selfish when you’re actually just practicing self-care (“how can you take a day off/go to Yoga/see your friends/go to art class when blah blah blah”) my advice is ditch them – they’re the ones being selfish & life is too short to tolerate that kind of ‘red-flag’ behaviour.

Big up yourSELF and invest in YOU, it might be just one hour a week, but make your health a priority and you (and everybody around you) will reap the benefits!

We’d love to know your self-care perspectives, tips & recommendations in the comments below…mine is basically the photo above – once a week I set aside time for a beach walk with my hound Carter – I find it so good for clearing my mind, and as you can see this week we managed to dodge the rain clouds!

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