Corporate wellbeing: stress-busting meditations, clinical pilates & yoga

A load of hippy clap-trap, or a good investment in your most valuable asset?

Staff in the Liverpool office of QS Jackson Canter recently completed a week of wellbeing taster sessions with pop up health specialists Yin Yan Ltd. Lunchtime sessions of 45 minutes included Clinical Pilates, Yoga, Stress-Busting Meditation, Mindfulness and Chi Ball, each tailored for total beginners with a teacher who is a specialist in their field.

I understand that some people are sceptical about staff take-up for such events, and don’t believe they will provide value for money. My thoughts on this are below, but first you’re better off hearing from someone who attended the sessions:

“I was lucky in attending several Yin Yan sessions (eager me) this week and I thoroughly enjoyed every class. As someone who only leaves their desk for short periods of time, especially during the lunch time period, it has been a breath of fresh air for me – taking time out for myself is not something I am familiar with at work or home. I have benefited from all the sessions that have been available and would be extremely happy to attend any sessions that are available in the future. I look forward to further details on classes. It is time for us all to look after our own wellbeing.”

(They asked to be anonymous, so we’re going to call them Thea, as it means speaker of the truth.)

That last comment struck a real chord with me. Research shows that over half of all employees want to improve their health (Britain’s Healthiest Company Survey 2015), but many can’t find time due to commitments in and out of work. Back, neck & muscle pain, along with stress, anxiety and depression are the most common cause of sick leave (46 million days lost per annum according to the Office for National Statistics).

Even more alarming to employers and HR managers is a recent study for Legal & General that found that the cost of ‘presenteeism’ (where staff are at work but not performing as well as they can due to mental or physical health problem) was estimated to be three times as much as sick leave.

Dumb employers think that to make more money, they just need to crack the whip harder. Smart employers know that healthy staff are a pre-requisite for a healthy bottom line, and are looking to help.

I’m not stupid – not everyone wants to attend every class we provide. However, by tailoring sessions to provide something for everyone in a welcoming inclusive environment, the response from this firm of solicitors demonstrates clearly that staff want what we offer – over 100 attendees throughout the week, young & old, men & women.

One of the most pleasing things was that the vast majority of attendees were trying something new for the first time, and as a direct result of their employer offering taster sessions many of them are now attending regular sessions outside work to improve their health – all they needed was a supportive employer and a spark.

Our sessions are surprisingly affordable, tailored to suit the corporate environment, and we always communicate to staff in advance of what to expect and what the benefits are. The reaction from Jackson Canter was typical – “overwhelming positive” (their words, not mine).

Yin Yan work with employers to provide a range of convenient corporate wellbeing services, tailored to suit their business, so that their staff can improve their mental & physical wellbeing at work. Sessions are designed to reduce sick leave & presenteeism, while improving team dynamics, staff engagement, motivation and most importantly – their bottom line.

For further information please visit our corporate wellbeing page, attend a public class to see for yourself, or call me on 07912 031543 to see how we can help your business.

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I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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