Best round of golf for 10 years? Yogi of the week

This week’s yogi of the week enjoyed his best round of golf after discovering Yin Yan – he’s Robert Jeffrey from Bilfinger GVA, and we caught up over a chat as we gave him his congratulatory bag of peaches (random, but true):

YY: So how would you describe yourself?
ROBERT: I try to be healthy, but I’m getting on a bit so there are more aches and pains than there used to be! I play a lot of golf and am trying to play more competitively.

YY: Had you ever done yoga before?
ROBERT: No, never.

YY: So what made you give it a try and how did you feel beforehand?
ROBERT: I wanted to do something to improve my flexibility, and my sister in law is always going on about the wonders of yoga so I thought I’d give it a go. I was a bit nervous about falling over if I had to balance on one leg or something, but hey why not?!

YY: Why not indeed! So how did you find your first class?
ROBERT: I got a lot more out of it than I thought. At the time it wasn’t as demanding as I expected, but over the next few days I noticed that I felt I’d really achieved something – and after the first week of classes I had my best round of golf for 10 years!

YY: That’s amazing, well done! So have you any advice for people thinking about trying Yin Yan yoga?
ROBERT: Just give it a try, the classes are very friendly and there are surprising benefits.

YY: Words of wisdom from a yogi, what more do you want?! What classes have you been to?
ROBERT: The Tuesday lunchtime and Monday after work, which was quite challenging but I’m starting to understand what my sister in law has been raving about!

A ‘yogi’ is someone who practices yoga – do a class with us and you’re a Yin Yan Yogi! Each week we’re going to randomly pick a “Yogi of the week”, they aren’t ‘the best’ at yoga – yoga’s all about being yourself with options for everyone to practise safely within their own limits.

Classes are beginner-friendly and are full of people just like you – what’s stopping you? You could be Yogi of the Week and we’ve extended our Free Class Offer: Register at, select your class and check out using the promo code YESYOUCAN to get 100% off (valid for 1 Single Class Booking by 21st June, to attend a class within 2 weeks). Bookings include use of a yoga mat, just arrive changed with a bottle of water.

What’s stopping you?

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I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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