Why it’s SO important to make time for your YinYan classes!

‘Work’s so hectic at the minute’, ‘I have to take Jake to football practice’, ‘I’m just so tired after finishing work’, ‘I’m just not sure when I can fit it in’

Just some of the many excuses that people say when it comes to ‘dodging'(?) their weekly yoga practice. But, here at YinYan we find that if you make time for your weekly classes… you actually find you have MORE time for all your other commitments!

Yoga gives you peace of mind, it de-stresses you, it allows you to take some VERY MUCH needed time out for yourself. Giving you a lot more time and patience for those other things in your life. You’ll feel you actually have more time, physically and emotionally to give your loved ones and other commitments.

We know this is true, because we’ve seen it for ourselves. Please don’t let your weekly practices be the first thing that goes if you are struggling for time in your week.

‘You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy, then you should sit in meditation for an hour.’ – Zen saying

So, how do others manage to fit their practice in? Here’s some hopefully handy top yin yan tribe tips to help you on your way!

First things first – BOOK YOUR CLASSES FOR THE WEEK!

Book them, book them and tell yourself you WILL stick to them! It’s just like a to do list, everyone loves a to do list. you get more done! Just like you will do when coming to more of our classes ;). Be realistic – don’t book too many and put too much pressure on yourself, but do book at least two. You really do owe it to yourself!


Speak up for yourself! Are you missing practices because you are doing things for other people? Are you afraid to ask others for help with certain commitments so you can make practice? Are people asking too much of you? Say no to people if you want to say no! If someone asks you to do something and you say yes, resulting in missing your practice, then you aren’t being true to yourself, and being true to yourself is an important part of yoga!


Has a friend asked you to meet up but you have a yoga class booked? No worries! Bring them along! Why not suggest they come with you? They can drop in to any of our sessions so they don’t HAVE to have booked, (however, booking is very easy and it makes them accountable too :)! and what a fun and rewarding way to spend some time together! You’ll be doing them a favour too, and you’ll maybe even end up with a yogi buddy to come along with. Plus, we’d be so happy to welcome in a new tribe member! 🙂 Maybe you aren’t spending enough time with your partner? Bring them a long too! It’s a great bonding experience and a real gift to share with your loved one. Bringing friends, co workers or loved ones along isn’t just for your benefit, you’ll be doing them a massive favour too! 🙂


Missed a few classes? That’s fine! Every day is a chance to start again! Don’t listen to those pesky thoughts that tell you, ‘Ah you’ve missed so many classes now, whats the point in going back, you don’t have the time’ – NOT TRUE! So you’ve missed some classes? Challenge those thoughts! Tell yourself you mean business now and are going to attend at least one yoga class a week!


If work really is getting too much, the we can not stress enough how important it is to get yourselves along to a class! PLEASE don’t think you are doing the right thing by sacrificing your practice to stay longer at work – you know that famous quote about what most people say on their death beds don’t you? It certainly isn’t about wishing they had continually stayed late at work! 🙂

So when things get busy, don’t tell yourself you’re too busy for yoga or pilates! Tell yourself you’re busy and that’s why you need some classes!

See you soon!

The YinYan Team

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