Olympic levels of inspiration

As any Olympian will tell you, getting into a healthy exercise routine can be key to leading a longer, happier life – and many of your favourite sports stars, such as Jessica Ennis-Hill make sure they include Yoga & Pilates in their routine to stay mentally and physically on top of their game.

Every four years, Olympic athletes of every nation and discipline astound and amaze us, as we sit on the sofa wondering at what point in a person’s life someone thinks “I know, I’ll try and do a perfect backward two-and-a-half somersault, pike dive”.

We know that athletes at this level spend years, dedicating their lives to being the absolute best they can be. This is what we love about the games. We also love that it encourages so many people to improve their lifestyle and assess what routines they currently have in place to keep fit and healthy.

Unfortunately, this can often lead to people spending money on expensive gym clothes and an annual membership to a state of the art gym they never visit!

Making sure you’re active is vital for leading a healthy life. Inactivity can lead to all sorts of problems for your health, a recent NHS study found that a lack of regular exercise can increase the risk of diabetes by 112% and 147% increase in cardiovascular events.

We are not saying you should quit your job, find a trainer and aim to be ready to compete in Tokyo 2020 – although if you do we will be the first to cheer you on! – but we are saying that finding and committing to a regular exercise routine that fits around your busy life will make you feel great and improve your quality of life, in and out of work.

So get on your sofa, get inspired by Rio 2016, and then get off your sofa and start your journey to healthier, happier you – we for one, will be with you every step of the way!

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