Finding the right yoga or pilates class for beginners

YinYan teacher’s own experiences and words of encouragement for those new to yoga & pilates

Are you thinking of giving Yoga or Pilates classes a try? Maybe your back is aching and you’ve had enough. Or you want to find ways to increase your energy. Or perhaps you feel there’s more to exercise than pushing your body and forcing yourself into going to the gym when you really aren’t enjoying it.

We’ve all been a newbie at some point. Nervously walking into a Yoga or Pilates class, not sure if we should have come in the first place and worrying about our flexibility – or lack of! It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious and want to give up before we’ve even started. But then – how are things going to improve? Isn’t it time to move forwards in a positive direction? We all need Yoga and Pilates for different reasons, and there’s never been a better time than now.

Let us, Yin Yan’s team of friendly instructors put your worries at bay and give you some compassionate reassurance that you are in the right place, the practice can be for you and honestly, we’re really not going to force you to touch your toes!

One of the most common things we hear from new students is: “I love it, I feel great and just wish I’d started 10 years ago!” Don’t wait a day longer, join the Yin Yan Tribe today, you’ll thank yourself when everything in life seems easier and more enjoyable, and you’re suddenly aware of how much better you feel.

Here’s our own first time experiences on the mat and advice for complete beginners:

Robin Ellis

“I was scared to death before my first class – I’d had chronic back pain for years and I was worried that I’d make it worse. When you start thinking about going to your first class, it’s completely normal to have lots of thoughts and concerns – will I be able to do it? What if I hurt myself? I won’t know what I’m doing and will look stupid! Rest assured that these thoughts are completely normal before you try something new, because you don’t know what to expect they are all born out of ignorance – you’ll be pleased to know that after your first class most people can’t even remember what they were worried about!

If you are thinking about trying Yoga or Pilates, speak to us to find the right class for you, we are here to help and want you to go to the class that is going to give you maximum benefit. Then when you’ve tried your first class you can start thinking about whether you want to do it with knowledge, because now you know what to expect! And remember, the hardest thing you will ever have to do in yoga is walk through the door to your first class, after that everything gets much easier!”

Robyn McGlinchey

​”When I first started Pilates I knew I was on to a good thing but, more often than not, I felt frustrated with my body and how difficult I found the simplest movements. Even the breathing felt backward to me. But when I watched my instructor move, I knew that I wanted to feel that so I persevered. I listened intently to the instructions and worked on my breathing and things started to come together. The first day of my Pilates teacher training, for the first time in my life, I knew I was in the right place and doing the right thing.
robynPilates is not an easy journey to start and it’s full of frustration as you unravel years of unconscious, bad movements, but the rewards are boundless. The sense of strength from within is so powerful and when the compliments about your posture and graceful movements come, you feel proud of how far you have come despite all the challenges. It’s beautiful.”

Victoria Crowney

victoria“Before my first yoga class I didn’t really know what to expect. I was used to high impact workouts, team sports and fast paced movements. I remember feeling very nervous, thinking everyone would be a million times better than me and that people would think I wasn’t very good. Surprise surprise, it was not like that at all. I don’t think anyone was interested in what I could or couldn’t do and I didn’t really get a chance to look at anyone else either! It took me about three or four sessions to really ‘get it’. Then after that, I knew it would be something I’d keep up…now I’m teaching and recommending it to everyone! A lot of people think they can’t do it as they have this injury or that problem, but the truth is Yoga is usually a great solution to those problems! Even I have past injuries (that are much much better now) and I teach it! So don’t let anything put you off. You’ll make some fantastic friends and continue to feel better and better the more you practice 🙂 ”

Rosanna Gordon

“I first started yoga at University when I was 21 and found great relief from my depression and stress during exams. A couple of friends were going to a class at the sports centre, and I was curious to give it a try. I already did Body Combat and other cardio exercise classes, but I knew I needed to relax and find ways to improve my mood. It was a great chance to switch off, focus on something else other than my dissertation and I always came away feeling great, like I’d had a massage – a real lift both physically and mentally. Yoga had such a profound effect on me I actually phoned my Mum straight away after my first class and said I was going to teach!

10 years on, I couldn’t be happier that I started yoga and can’t imagine what my 20’s would have been like without it. My moods probably more extreme, and a less positive outlook on things. If you’re thinking of giving yoga a go, take your fears along with you, and breathe through them. You’ll soon find they melt away into the mat when your attention changes.”

So, there you go. A few real life stories from us to offer a little background and some heartfelt motivation for you on your journey into Yoga and Pilates. We’re excited to meet you – we have lots of different classes including many that are designed with beginners in mind!

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I would definitely recommend it. You go at you own pace and there are always options for everyone, no matter what level you are. You only have to try it once!


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