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8 Oct 2017 – 16 Dec 2017First Row Item
17 Dec 2017 – 6 Jan 2018Second Row Item
7 Jan 2018 – 3 Mar 2018Third Row Item
4 Mar 2018 – 5 May 2018Fourth Row Item
6 May 2018 – 26 May 2018Fifth Row Item
27 May 2018 – 7 Jul 2018Sixth Row Item
8 July 2018 – 8 Sep 2018Seventh Row Item

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Thanks to my employer and our landlord, YinYan is little oasis in my day that helps me stay in shape and means I'm much less stressed at work and at home.


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If you have any questions regarding our service then please contact us..

Contact Us
  • Had a few ‘complaints’ about there not being enough of Carter on our media feeds - sorry about that! Here’s our Head of Wellbeing keeping his hydration levels up, are you doing the same?
#cartertherescuehound #adoptdontshop #stayhydrated #water
  • Join us for  rooftop yoga Wednesday 5.45pm - at Tempest on Tithebarn St, Liverpool’s coolest office! 
Emma is away this week so Robin is covering - book online to reserve your place or just turn up and drop in! 
And as with all Tempest classes, if you wor
  • Time to get your classes planned for the weeks ahead people - especially in the amazing roof garden...scorchio!
  • #nature #wellbeing #health #caterpillar
  • What are you doing tomorrow morning? Rooftop #yoga in #Liverpool tomorrow 10.30am with @donnalouyoga 
Drop in and pay cash or book via the link in our bio!
  • #CartertheRescueHound #dogsofinstagram #sunset #beach #vanlife
  • @Rosanna_Yoga is covering @donnalouyoga 8am class in Liverpool - in he gorgeous roof garden if the weather is good!  Work can be #stressful so it makes sense to choose a workplace & landlord that supports your health, just like @capitalcentric’s #Tempest
  • Giants Yoga near Giants Causeway!
  • The joys of yoga, especially when practised outside - you don’t need to listen to my words, just look how happy I am! And you don’t need a yoga studio, the best yoga can be in the most unexpected places - as we hopefully show you with all our classes in a