Yin Yan Camping Retreat 3-7 September 2020

Would you like to reconnect with nature and spend the weekend doing things that make you feel good with friendly, like-minded people?

The weekend will be jam-packed with Yoga (Strong Vinyasa Flow, Yin relaxation, core power, talks & workshops), Belly Dancing, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra meditations for relaxation, Beach Walk, Foraging, Reflexology, Massage, Reiki, Campfire fun & friendly faces – all included.

The Venue & Camping Pitches

The venue is a stunning private woodland valley with river, Pencwmcanol, near Aberystwyth (SY23 5AS) – over 30 stunning acres so there’s plenty of room to spread out with private camping pitches for groups & lone rangers. It’s WILD – no electricity, no running water & no phone reception (unless you go to the top of the valley).


Parking is available but we will manage vehicles accessing the valley floor to maintain the peace & quiet in the woodland – we have a 4×4 buggy to take all your bags to your camping pitch when you arrive & depart (cars will be left at the top of the road into the woods or safely on a nearby road) please have a face covering handy for when being driven in the buggy. Please let Robin (07912 031543 WhatsApp or SMS) know what time you’ll be Arriving & Departing (remember there’s no phone reception where I’ll be in the valley so let me know a couple of hours before you’re due to arrive) so someone will by the gate to meet you.


We have some really amazing people to look after mind, body & spirit. Times subject to change but indicative schedule as follows:


  • 3/4pm (1 hour) Yoga & Meditation (w/ Damian) starting when everyone is there
  • 5-6.30pm – 1-2-1 slots for reflexology/massage/reiki treatments (w/ Irma) *
  • 6.30pm onwards – dinner (provided) & communal campfire


  • 8/8.30am (30 mins) – Qi Gong (w/ Damian)
  • 9.15-10.30am – 1-2-1 slots for reflexology/massage/reiki treatments (w/ Irma) *
  • 10.30am (1 hour) – Yoga for Balance (w/ Frank)
  • Lunch – bring your own!!
  • 3pm (1 hour) – Core Strength Yoga & Meditation (w/ Robin)
  • 5pm (1 hour) Yoga Sound Bath (w/ Frank) immersive sound experience with singing bowls, piano & tongue drum; includes limbering, sitting, lying & participating – Bb, Gm, Cm, F & Bb chords for ukulele and anything goes on percussion!
  • 6.30pm onwards – dinner (provided) & communal campfire
  • Evening – ukulele crash course
  • Evening – 1-2-1 slot for reflexology/massage/reiki treatments (w/ Irma) *


  • 8am (30 mins) – Qi Gong (w/ Damian)
  • 9.15-10.30am – 1-2-1 slots for reflexology/massage/reiki treatments (w/ Irma) *
  • 9.30am (1 hour) – Talk on the origins & foundation blocks of Yoga (w/Stu)
  • 10.30am (1 hour) – Strong Vinyasa Yoga (w/ Stu)
  • 11.45am (20 mins) – Mindfulness in nature meditation (w/ Robin)
  • 12.30pm – Lunch (soup provided)
  • 2pm (1.5-2 hours) – Foraging walk/class (w/ local legend Marcus)
  • 4.30pm (1 hour) – Belly Dancing (w/ Irma) bring a scarf to tie around your waist, everybody welcome!
  • 6pm (20 mins) – Yoga Nidra meditation for relaxation (w/ Robin
  • 6.30pm onwards – dinner (provided) & campfire jamboree sing-a-long
  • Evening – 1-2-1 slot for reflexology/massage/reiki treatments (w/ Irma) *


  • 9am (30 mins) – Qi Gong (w/ Damian)
  • 10.15am (90 mins) – Yin Yoga for relaxation & fascia release (w/ Robin)
  • 9.30-11.30am – 1-2-1 slots for reflexology/massage/reiki treatments (w/ Irma) *
  • 12.30pm – Lunch (soup provided)
  • 2pm (3 hours) – Beach Walk & (optional) swim in the sea
  • 6pm (20 mins) – Yoga Nidra meditation for relaxation (w/ Robin
  • 6.30pm onwards – dinner (provided) & communal campfire
  • Evening – 1-2-1 slot for reflexology/massage/reiki treatments (w/ Irma) *


  • 9am (30 mins) – Qi Gong (w/ Damian)
  • Departures

Our goal is for you to leave feeling refreshed & rejuvenated. YOUR weekend is unique to YOU so take part in as little or as much as you like. Classes will be small & outdoors, but we have open-sided rain cover – just in case!

* Reflexology / Reiki / Massage

Included in the weekend is the opportunity for you to have a private 1-2-1 treatment with Irma – you can choose from reflexology / foot massage, reiki or Swedish back massage. You can pre book a time by messaging Robin on 07912 031543 or booking your slot with Irma when you arrive (times for these are shown above). These will take place in the magical healing gazebo, all in line with all the relevant guidelines for Covid safety – there will be some PPE involved and if you have any queries or concerns then Irma will happy to help when you arrive.

Part of the requirements for your treatment is to fill in the form below (different ones below for different treatments) – it will really help us if you can print your form & fill it in (leave the green parts blank) then bring it with you, but if you can’t/forget we’ll have some spare forms you’re there.

Reiki form or Massage Form or Reflexology form – you decide!

Food & Drink

We’re going to cook a batch of hearty, satisfying & healthy vegetarian food for Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday dinner, plus Saturday & Sunday lunch will be soup – bring your own bread/oatcakes for dipping!! Think warming chilli, tasty curry & wholesome soups. We didn’t budget for food initially, but have decided to provide as an option because (despite the regulations & red tape) it’ll be good to share communal meals together – donations welcome that will all go to the superb charity Foodcycle Liverpool (which Deb, who is running our kitchen, volunteers for). If you have any allergy or special requirements then let us know and we’ll help however we can.

Please bring your own food & snacks as you see fit – you can have a fire/cooker at your tent, and we’ll have a communal cooking fire burning in the main clearing, and some spare camping stoves, small pans etc. you can borrow. Our kettle will always be boiling because unlimited brews might just be the cornerstone of civilised society!

We will provide drinking water & firewood. We won’t be selling alcohol but you’re welcome to bring whatever you like to enjoy – the emphasis of the weekend is on having fun and enjoying yourself, we’re here to have a good time with you, not judge anyone!

Suggested Packing List

  • Tent
  • Bed/sleeping mat – the ground is hard & uneven in places
  • Sleeping bag & pillow/cushion (the nights might be chilly)
  • Extra blanket – great for the meditations & keeping cosy around the fire pits
  • Water bottles you can fill these at our communal tanks – we will also provide a 5L bottle of water at your pitch so you’ve got a supply there and you can fill up as required
  • Yoga Mat – stronger & thicker the better (the ground is uneven) if you need to borrow one just ask
  • Cup, plate, bowl & cutlery – we have some disposables but best using your own
  • Camping stove, matches/lighter, pans, scourer etc. – optional if you want your own by your tent, otherwise you can use the communal ones (please ask before using)
  • Snacks & any food you want for meals we’re not providing (especially breakfast) remember there is no fridge. Saturday & Sunday lunch is soup but we’re not providing bread so if you want bring your own or a packet of oatcakes to have with for a carbs boost!
  • We have builders tea, green tea, instant coffee, peppermint & fruit tea you can help yourself to but bring anything else you want to drink for the daytime/evening
  • Toiletries including anti-bacterial gel & anything else you need – there is no shower but you can wash in the river/ask for hot water (might take a while to fill the tin bath with hot water but it exists!)
  • Toilet paper – the 3 portaloos will be stocked but to reduce risks use your own paper (if you have wet wipes make sure these are bio-degradable)
  • Towels – suggest at least two, including a small one to take on the beach walk if you’re planning on swimming
  • Footwear – wellies/walking boots/sturdy trainers you don’t mind getting muddy. I also bring a pair of river trainers  as it is rocky & uneven but not essential.
  • Clothes – hope for the best but prepare for the worst with a waterproof jacket, fleece/warm jumpers, lots of layers, spare socks etc. & bring clothes you can move freely in for yoga (apparently horseflies are attracted to dark colours and get confused by stripes but that’s unconfirmed!)
  • Swimming costume (optional) – if you’re planning on swimming and not being naked!
  • Headtorch / light for your tent
  • Hat – to keep you warm & dry, warm hat essential if you plan on swimming
  • Scarf – to keep your neck warm & to tie round your waist for Belly Dancing
  • Sun hat, sunscreen & sun glasses – we live in hope!
  • Phones/camera/battery pack – useful to keep your phone charged so you can take lots of photos/videos!
  • Ukulele/percussion – optional but encouraged!
  • Camping Chair – optional, there are lots of logs to sit on but if you want your own bring it
  • Small rucsack – optional but very useful for snacks, drink, towel etc, especially on the beach walk
  • Walking stick – optional
  • Lightweight bucket – optional but useful to wash, cool drinks
  • Carrier bags / bin bags – great for wet clothes & rubbish, we have spare bin bags just ask…please take everything with you & leave no trace!

Fire Pits

The communal fire pits in the main clearing will be the beating heart of our weekend together. A fire will always be burning so you can have a brew, cook or warm your cockles anytime – then in the evenings we’ll light more fires so everyone can feel the warmth without having to crowd each other (Carter the hound always up for a cuddle though!)

We can’t wait to be sat around the campfire toasting marshmallows as the fairy lights twinkle and we laugh, sing & have a grand old time with old friends & new ones!

Bookings, Payments & Refunds

It’s going to be magical and we hope you can join us – spaces limited though so don’t delay.

Friday & Saturday £125 per person / 3 nights £165 pp / 4 nights £195 pp. All classes & activities included – camping, firewood, drinking water & WCs too. Group/family discounts available.

To reserve your place payment in full required – please transfer your payment to our bank account name “Yin Yan Ltd”, account number 45402817, sort code 60-13-19 – please include your name as the payment reference.

Cancellations: If the event is cancelled for any reason (including Covid, lockdown or anything else) we will refund you everything except £20 to cover our up front costs.

For enquiries contact us here or email [email protected] or call Robin on 07912 031543.

Toilets & Washing

There will be 3 portable loos around the camp, subject to multiple daily sanitising to maintain cleanliness & safety. If you prefer you can go au natrelle and bury your waste (no plastic wipes please, they’re not bio-degradable), please bring a spade/trowel for this and ensure everything is buried at least 6-12 inches underground and well away from the river, always having consideration for your fellow campers!

Additional drinking water plus communal cooking fires & a pot washing area, with hot water, will be available at main clearing. The river is always available for washing – in our opinion it’s much better than a shower but in case you need a touch of luxury there is a tin bath that can be filled with hot water if required!


All classes, activities & treatments are being run in line with the latest government advice & relevant local guidelines. At some points you will see some PPE – you do not have to wear a face covering but it is optional for the reiki/massage. Please help to keep everyone safe by:

  • Using the anti-bacterial hand gel supplied (and bring your own) & the hand washing station…especially before & after eating & when filling up your water bottles
  • We are cleaning the WCs & drinking water station several times a day
  • Please stay out of the kitchen – if you need something just ask
  • When being served food follow the instructions given
  • Respect others & maintain social distancing at all times

Hazards, Phones, Dogs & Kids

The venue is a working woodland – there are ditches, steep slopes, a river, streams and a pond so please watch your step at all times & sturdy shoes/wellies are recommended.

There is no phone signal at the bottom of the valley but if you walk up the valley road you can get a signal if you need it.

Carter (Robin’s hound & YinYan’s head of wellbeing) will be there – if you would like to bring your dog please contact me on 07912 031543. Children are welcome to join the retreat (price reductions available) but please note that the activities are mostly aimed at adults and children may not be able to join in all of them.


Check out our past retreats:


Lake District Yoga & Pilates Summer Retreat

Friday 7th – Sunday 9th June 2019

😀🙏😌🧘🏻‍♀️🧘‍♂️🏊🏻‍♂️ 🔥🌳🌿🐕🎶 💜
Join Robin Ellis & Donna Unwin (and #CarterTheRescueHound) for a weekend of yoga, pilates, tai chi, creativity & feel good fun for feeling refreshed & rejuvenated. The venue is a converted Barn with log fires, a beautiful garden, river flowing onsite & glorious views…just 1 hour 40 minutes (and a whole world away) from Liverpool & Manchester and 3 hours from London:

– 3 Yoga & Pilates classes, with some in the garden (hopefully!) 😎
– Morning garden Tai Chi
– Guided Meditations to fully relax & recharge
– Countryside walk
– Wild swimming with river meditation (optional but rewarding!)
– Saturday evening garden bonfire with ukulele-oke sing-a-long
– Delicious healthy food, all meals from Friday evening to Sunday lunch.

No experience is necessary, teaching styles are easy & inclusive. Take part in as little or as much as you like – it’s your weekend!

Investment is £245 (based on sharing a room) or £295 if you want your own room. Call Robin 07912 031543 or email [email protected] for more info – we can’t wait!

The best weekend of my life - just fantastic!


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