Kindness offer for online Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness & more

Sion Jones - Yoga & Mindfulness teacher

Spreading kindness for Mental Health Awareness Week – 1 week free classes

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 (18-24 May) is kindness – we all know it feels good when someone is kind to us, but did you know that being kind to others boosts your mood too? Everyone’s a winner and that’s why we’re trying to be kind & making it easy for you to be kind too…just tell your family, friends & colleagues about this special, feel good offer:

Until Friday 29th May 2020, new clients can get 1 week unlimited access to our live & interactive classes online – Yoga, Pilates, Mindfulness, Tai Chi/Qigong & more…so many ways to feel good 7 days a week, morning, noon & night! To sign up:

1) Visit & “Create Account” (don’t forget to include your mobile number as we SMS your link to class 20 mins before it starts).

2) Email [email protected] with your name & email address (the one you used to create your account above) to say “I’ve created an account and I’d like 1 week unlimited classes please!”

3) We’ll credit you with 1 week unlimited class access and you can sign up for ANY classes on the timetable below or via the online classes page

Wherever you are our professional & friendly teachers are waiting for you online. We will restart ‘normal’ classes in our venues across the country as soon as it’s safe (we’re lucky to have LOTS of space to spread out in most venues) but following the success of our Zoom classes in lockdown, our online classes are here to stay.

How to Book – Paid & Free Classes

Special offer of 1 week free classes open to new clients only, limit of 1 week per person, offer expires Sunday 24th May 2020. Book using the sign up buttons above, click on a class for details & log in details. Buy Now – unlimited classes £9.99 per week – this will renew automatically and charge you each week but there is no contract and you can cancel any time online or email [email protected]. Or  or single class £5.50.

Classes with FREE in the title (Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Morning Tea & Tai Chi and other community sessions) do not need payment as they are always free, but you still need to register…if you are tech savvy then why not sign up for an account for an isolated older friend/relative/stranger then help them get access? Please tell your friends & loved ones!

Robin & YinYan's head of wellbeing - Carter the hound    

How to Access Your Class

Bookings close 30 minutes before the class starts. Your teacher will text you a link / Zoom Meeting ID before class, then go to and say hello – bonus if you have a Zoom account/download the app but you don’t need to pay anything. It’s live & interactive so you can see & hear the teacher – and can communicate with them!

  1. Find a space you can practice & roll out your yoga mat, blanket or rug.
  2. Balance your laptop (seem to work best), tablet or phone or TV screen – it’s really useful for the teacher to be able to see you during class but everybody else can see you too so you can switch your camera off if you like.
  3. Live & interactive classes are amazingly similar to normal classes, you can see friends and make new ones – nice people getting together to do stuff.
  4. Feel free to set up your own back ground music if you like.
  5. Just do what you can as gently as you like – if anything doesn’t feel right just miss it out!

Group classes are not suitable for everybody – some conditions require specialist modifications, understanding & training – for example these classes are NOT suitable if you are pregnant. You MUST discuss any medical condition, illness and/or injury with us & your teacher prior to class – before class starts ask the teacher about the private chat option.

Any query email [email protected]. We do not offer refunds but please contact us if you are dissatisfied for any reason. See our T&Cs for further details.

Online live & interactive Yoga, mindfulness, Hatha Yoga, Pilates (all levels), Yoga Flow (Vinyasa​), shorter sessions to get your blood pumping instead of commuting, meditations, tai chi, relaxations, help dealing with stress & anxiety and more. PLUS we hold a range of FREE sessions every week – gentle & chair yoga, anxiety support & meditations, and much more….we’ve got your back and we’re going to get through this together.

Donna Unwin - yoga, pilates & dance teacher   

Attended my first class today and it was perfect, I can't wait to go again next week and will be booking some other classes too!


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